MC-Cube Trade Mark

All medical equipment in an ISO container

About Medical Container

It’s a special ISO container all medical equipment and
units are installed inside and has mobility and expandability.


The inner wall is a glass wall with excellent antibacterial and cleanability.
Class 10,000 or higher airtightness and complete isolation is possible.
Air pressure corresponds to negative pressure and positive pressure.
Precise temperature and humidity control inside the container.
Protects equipment against all weather conditions thanks to its durability.

Supports COVID-19(new viruses)

COVID19 LAB Container

Explainer video

Infectious disease control Medical container CT

Even in the event of an emergency, medical care well not be stopped.
A mobile CT laboratory for unknown infectious diseases.

There is an urgent need to take measures against unknown viruses in the medical field. Medical treatment cannot be stopped even under the increasing heavy rain disaster and the great earthquake. Now that there are concerns about compound disasters of infectious diseases and natural disasters, Canon Medical Systems Corporation and Sansei Co.,Ltd.
Jointly developed Japan’ s first medical container CT that has both infectious disease countermeasures and disaster countermeasures.
It will be possible to safely land and ship precision equipment, and we will continue to protect medical infrastructure in all areas of Japan and overseas, including out-of-hospital inspections, disaster areas, depopulated areas, and remote islands.

Mobile medical facility

MC-Cube has been working in various places in Japan including disaster sites.
When a local hospital was forced to suspend a part of operations due to an earthquake, the MC-Cube with CT Scan was sent there, used in place of the hospital’s own CT Scan temporarily, and the hospital continued medical treatments without a serious interruption.

Sansei can offer some other usages of MC-Cube, such as inspection room of COVID-19, examination room, X-ray room, mammography room and so on.


Preparing foremergencies such as disasters

kumamoto hospital

Sansei has compiled know-how’s in Japan where natural disasters
have been occurring frequently, and is developing overseas business
centered around Medical Containers, namely MC-Cube.