About Us


Mission from Sansei
It is to collaborate
real facility and IT infrastructure
at hospital connected life.

We have social responsibility as corporation with high quality architecture,compliance and keeping reliable business. And have experience of medical facility construction are based on long history.

We have followed information security of ISO, quality and environment management system,and have built facility preservation and information safety system.

We are going to spread advanced medical service to ASEAN included Taiwan and Thailand.

And will contribute to social,local,Asia through network construction, experience of advanced medical system delivery and medical facility work.

Sansei will tie and keep facility for the future.

Business Domain

We have professional staffs for Medical consultant,
IT infrastructure, Construction,Architect.
And also take in positively authentication system as ISO.

Authentication,Licence etc.

  • specially construction:construction,interior,public work,electricity and communication
  • licence by governor in kanagawa prefecture No.63792
  • building trade:electricity,plumbing,carpenter,joinery,heat insulation
  • licence by governor in kanagawa prefecture No.63792
  • highly controlled medical device sales and rental:
  • medical equipment repair business permit: 14BS200108
  • Industrial waste collection and transportation permit:0140018163
  • Antiquary permit:451930004136
  • Animal highly controlled medical device sales and rental: HamaNou515-1575
  • Air conditioner construction certificate:14-C-14
  • First class registration of Fluorocarbons Recovery Operation:1-1422


Sansei has compiled know-how’s in Japan where natural disasters
have been occurring frequently, and is developing overseas business
centered around Medical Containers, namely MC-Cube.