MICRO HOSPITAL Delivering Japanese medical standards
to overseas countries in a smart manner


By combining medical container units (MC-Cube) developed by Sansei, medical facilities can be built in a smart manner. Each container can incorporate any required medical equipment or functions.All you need to do is to just assemble them on site to make MICRO HOSPITAL. Prefabs and tents can be combined according to the requirements.


  1. It can be installed in a short time and can be used immediately
  2. Can also be used during disasters and for disaster recovery
  3. CT Container Unit is transportable and can be used in a stand-alone
  4. Highly durable and can be used for long-term
  5. Can supply electricity, RO water, medical gas, and oxygen, which are essential for hospital functions
  6. As containers are of the same standard, extra unites can be added
  7. Space-saving at the installation location
  8. Can be relocated when needed
  9. Containers are reusable and will not become industrial waste


MICRO HOSPITAL built with 15 Container units


Sansei can offer MC-Cubes with required functions for essential hospital operations, in addition to MC-Cubes introduced here, such as; Surgical Operation Unit, Delivery Room Unit, Endoscopy Unit, Dialysis Unit, X-ray Unit, Dental Treatment Unit, Pathological Examination Unit, and so on.